About Us

Sports & Fitness magazine, founded in 1994 by (PP&P), is a bimonthly publication and is considered the first of its kind targeting the English-speaking community residing in or visiting Egypt and the Middle East that will find the content interesting. The magazine covers events and issues related to sports, recreation, health and fitness with features, in-depth interviews and analysis. It covers local, regional and international events. Sports & Fitness magazine enjoys a wide circulation all over Egypt’s major cities as well as in other major Gulf countries capitals and considered a unique reliable source of information for many athletes, sports bodies and sports fans. Main distributor: Al Ahram In addition to the extensive distribution of the magazine in hard copy, Sports & Fitness magazine can be read digital on mobile app: KOTOBI.com where over 1,000,000 viewers can subscribe. Sports & Fitness also acts as media sponsor in numerous international and regional sports and recreational events where magazine copies circulated to the events visitors.